Roberto Mancini, a champion coach

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Mancini, the great work done with the national team and the name of the person who would have proposed him as coach: that’s who he is

The European semi-final saw the dispute of two teams who fought until the last access to the highly anticipated final of 11 July of the Euro 2020. We are obviously talking about Italy and Spain which, summarily, both teams played a very difficult game as both tried to score the winning goal.

After a rather balanced first half (since there were no goals), we restart with a goal scored by Chiesa after just over 10 minutes in the second half.

An action worthy of praise that made the Italians cheer too soon and, just as the game seemed to be over, they suffered the Spanish response; indeed, after having built a good action near the Italian penalty area, Morata bagged the ball into the Azzurri’s network by recording a tie result that led the two teams to challenge each other in extra time and, then, to the penalties they took. Italy is definitely the favorite.

Football is, for sure, one of the most beautiful sports in the world, a well-known thing that even the players’ agent Alessio Sundas knows very well and, as he himself reveals, is working to promote young talents through his method (unique in the world ) called: enhancement.

But taking a step back and returning to the Italy match, the sports attorney explains that it was he who suggested the names of the probable and subsequent coaches to the FIGC of Italy, among which Mancini was mentioned.

In this regard, the Italian manager can not help but publicly compliment the work that the coach is carrying out with the national team both for what concerns the technical-sporting discourse and for the emotions that the Azzurri are giving us.

Eleonora Boccuni

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