Alessio Sundas: “Messi in MLS? Here’s what’s true “

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The Italian manager, Alessio Sundas, officially reveals what the fate of the Barcelona champion would be

Player agent Alessio Sundas was the first to promote players in the American market. Among the big names proposed by the Italian manager, the champion Lionel Messi is mentioned. Indeed, the Argentine footballer was proposed in MLS, but, for family reasons and, therefore, taking into account the link with his wife and children at the Spanish educational institution, he decided not to consider the offer and, therefore , he would have decided not to go to MLS.

Over the last few days, the name of the champion has often resonated among national and international news outlets such as ESPN and Sky, who is often joined by David Beckham’s Inter Miami club, but, unfortunately, here comes the official news from the players agent Alessio Sundas, who reveals that the Barcelona player has no intention of being part of the American league.

The famous number 10 was proposed, with agreements with FC Barcellona, in Italian clubs, but, also in this case, again for family reasons, he decides not to accept – explains Alessio Sundas Basically – he continues – it isn’t a problem due to what concerns the contractual point of view, given that there were rumors about a penalty to be paid; rather, the problem is linked precisely to the decision taken by mutual agreement with his family and, therefore, to the desire not to leave Barcelona for the reasons explained above“.

Indeed, Sundas highlights the fact that it isn’t a problem related to the economic factor, as if Lionel Messi decided to end the contract that binds him to the Spanish team, he would do it quietly.

Let’s talk, therefore, about a now official news that is presented to us by the Italian manager Alessio Sundas.

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